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Do you know which is the fastest electric car of the year 2023

GT 'Battista'

Pure-electric Hyper GT 'Battista' is the fastest electric car in the world. This car takes only 1.86 seconds to reach the speed of 0 to 100 kmph in real world condition, which is an official record. Accels 0 to 200 km/h in 4.75 seconds. The company claims that the car can be stopped in a distance of 31 meters at a speed of 100 to 0. The electric car will take part in the first-ever E Grand Prix event in India, which will begin on February 11.

fastest electric car

The Battista gets individual motors for powering all four wheels, producing a combined power output of 1400 kW. Together these motors generate power of 1900 bhp and torque of 2300 Nm. The car's top speed is 350 km/h. Battista is programmed with 5 different drive modes.

The car is powered by a 120 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that gives a range of 476 km on a single charge. The entire body and chassis of the Hyper GT Battista have been made from carbon fiber. It takes over 1,250 hours to assemble a single model of the car. The company will only manufacture 150 units of this car. Its initial price is Rs 19.45 crore.

Pure-electric Hyper GT Battista

Features -

·         The first feature of the car is that it is a four wheel drive car.

·         Battery pack of 120 kWh will be available

·         Battista will get carbon fiber monocoque chassis and carbon fiber body. At the same time, it will get a 120 kWh battery pack in a T shape and a cooling circuit with five radiators.

·         It will get 6 piston brakes of carbon ceramic for front and rear of 390 mm.

·         It will cover a distance of 480 kilometers on a single charge.

·         A 120 kWh lithium-ion battery powers the Battista. The motor power of this hypercar gives 1,900 hp and a torque of 2,300 Nm.

·         Accelerates from 0 to 300 km in 12 seconds and can reach a top speed of 350 km per hour.

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