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Highest Paying Degree in America

Highest Paying Degree in America

The Limited Job Market: America's Highest-Paying Degree with 100,000 Six-Figure Jobs

The field in America that offers the highest-paying degree is characterized by a limited jobs market, consisting of only 100,000 positions that provide six-figure salaries.

Here are the average salaries for the top-paying majors among bachelor’s degree recipients:

1. Operations Research: $112,000
2. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering: $109,000
3. Computer Science: $105,000
4. Marine Transportation: $104,000
5. Computer Engineering: $99,000
6. Veterinary Medicine: $97,500
7. Petroleum Engineering: $97,000
8. Systems Engineering: $95,000
9. Pharmaceutical Science: $94,000
10. Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering: $92,000

The following presents the average salaries for the most popular majors among bachelor's degree recipients, arranged in order of popularity from highest to lowest:

1. Business Administration: $58,000
2. Nursing: $76,500
3. Psychology: $43,000
4. Criminal Justice: $47,000
5. Accounting: $64,000
6. Communications: $49,000
7. Teacher Education: $42,000
8. Biology: $49,000
9. Liberal Arts and Humanities: $44,000
10. Health and Physical Education: $47,000

This information highlights the contrast between the highest-paying majors with limited job availability and the most popular majors pursued by bachelor’s degree recipients in terms of salary prospects, while preserving the original format.


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