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How to Start Preparing for Banking Exams

Banking exams

Banking exams are moderately competitive exams conducted in India and Banking exams rank as one of the most elegant exams of the league. However, it's no big deal to prepare for any exam when you have proper guidance for it right? Let's move ahead and discuss what it takes to clear this examination.


Before moving forward, let's have a clear idea of the topics that you need to cover for the Banking exams.

Here's a detailed blog that covers the syllabus for the exam:

Banking exams Syllabus 2023 Pdf Download Hindi {Pre & Mains} Pattern


The banking exams syllabus consists of all that we have already learned throughout our academic careers. It includes Reasoning ability, Aptitude Ability (Maths), English, Computer, and Current Affairs. Now, we all have a basic knowledge of these subjects but for banking exams, you need to master these topics. Banking exams are hard to score as it requires time management as you need to answer a question within 30 seconds or less. Now, this is where competition begins and once you master your ability to do it on time, there's no saying how easy this exam could be.


Let's begin with the style of preparation:


Firstly, the current affair is a part of the Mains examination that is conducted after you clear the Preliminary phase. Now, you need to start going through newspapers and general static news (specifically ones related to business and finance) from the day you start preparing for the Banking exams.


Next, Consider preparing for other subjects at once. Distribute a time frame for every subject, and give each of them at least two hours every day. Begin your day with a subject that is tough for you so that you end your day with easier subjects. As a result, you get

exhausted by the end of the day and at that time it's easier to learn things that are easier to grasp.


Now, here's a subject-wise guide to making your preparation a bit handier:


English: Banking exams have very high expectations from a candidate in this section and the questions are quite complex as well. So, try to primarily focus on grammar and vocabulary. Read newspapers like Time of India and The Hindu as they use standard English which is good for banking exam preparation.


Reasoning Ability: Questions in this section target your IQ and presence of mind. It includes tricky questions so try to understand the questions before getting tangled in them. The answers are pretty simple but the process of getting them is complex. Learn tricks related to topics as they help in cracking answers quite easily. Moreover, practice as many patterns as you can as it would make it easier to get used to the type of questions asked in this section.


Numerical Ability (Aptitude): Students mostly score the least in this section of the Banking exams. However, you can make it your scoring part if you practice it well. It includes very basic topics that we have already learned during our academic careers. Figure out a few tricks that eliminate the process of solution and try to do it without using pen and paper. Most questions can be solved by just mind calculations, it just takes a bit of practice. Focus on the easiest ways of cracking a solution, and try to solve the question while reading it. Practice solving questions without writing as that is how they are designed. A good practice of this technique will help you easily crack most of the questions within 30 seconds.


Now, here's an important tip to crack the exam even before it's done. Seems confusing right? Well try it yourself, Mock tests can help you out. Giving mock tests just before the exam can help you face the intensity of the Banking exams. Once you start scoring well in mock tests then you will clear the real banking exam as well.



Banking exams are not easy to crack but if you keep practicing the above-mentioned pattern then you might clear it on your first attempt. The examination is conducted every year and the syllabus is almost similar to all banking exams. In contrast, this will prepare you for a league of banking exams that are conducted every year.

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