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Inside the Special Taylor Swift-Themed Episode of DWTS

Inside the Special Taylor Swift-Themed Episode of DWTS

All About the Taylor Swift Tribute Night on 'DWTS'

The November 21 episode of 'Dancing with the Stars' is dedicated to Taylor Swift, featuring the remaining six couples dancing to her iconic songs. Although Taylor won't physically appear due to her tour commitments in Brazil, she expressed excitement for the celebration in a video message during the previous episode.

What to Expect on Taylor Swift Night

Taylor Swift Night on 'DWTS': A Fusion of Music, Dance, and Elimination

The episode will air live on both ABC and Disney+ at 8 p.m. ET. Each couple will dance to Taylor Swift's tracks, with dances like Argentine tangos, rumbas, cha chas, and quicksteps, while also engaging in relay dance face-offs. At the end of the episode, one more couple will be eliminated, bringing the show closer to its upcoming December 5 finale.

Taylor Swift's Influence Shines on Dancing with the Stars

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