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Know the population of India

Know the population of India

Leaving China behind, India has become the most populous country in the world, know the population of India

The report of the United Nations Organization has just come out, according to which India has become the country which has crossed 142 crore population and this population is more than 30 lakhs than China.

India has overtaken China, and users are commenting on social media

“Users write that - We have become Vishwa Guru.”

And many users are saying sarcastically after the arrival of this report – the population of the whole world should be on one side, India should be on one side, and don't worry about filling the stomach.

It has been said in the UN report that it is a matter of concern for India that the population is constantly exploding. The population has been increasing over the years and has now reached its peak.

British demographer Thomas Malthus, who studied population, warned about the growing population of the world in 1797 itself. He said that our earth has a limited capacity, if there is more population than this, the earth will be ruined and there will be hunger, unemployment, And other crimes will increase.

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