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Know why good English is good for you

Here’s Why Good English is Good For You!!

English is an international language that connects people from all over the world. In fact, it’s the language that is spoken the most in the world. As per the research from Statista Research Department, around 1.5 billion people of the world speak the English language worldwide.

Moreover, did you know? The United States does not have any official language but they primarily use the English Language for all official works and regulations and legislation as well.

Now, coming to the Prime objective of this article, let’s know more about the English language. How to learn English is not even a nice question. Instead, one must ask how to learn good English. It’s been proven that speaking incorrect English is as bad as not speaking at all. Moreover, the way you communicate represents your first impression. As a result, if you mess up here, then there’s a possibility that no one would interact with you for the second time.

Good English for Best Jobs Offers

good english for best jobs offers

The significance of the English language is very unique and different from other languages. It also plays a very crucial role in almost all kinds of sectors around the world. Good English increases the chance of getting hired regardless of the type of field. Good knowledge of the English language increases the chance of getting jobs in your native country and other non-native countries as well.

A good English language can be helpful in various professions related to:






Good English can help you seamlessly get into the translation industry. The translation industry is flourishing widely across the world. Do you know? The translation industry has grown widely as it comprised revenue of around nine billion dollars in the United States alone.  The market has grown by 3 billion dollars between 2012 and 2022.

Part of the Growing Community

A good sense of the English language makes you a part of the growing community. This community comprises the most influential leaders.

Easiest Ways to Learn Good English

Do you think good English comes at a cost? No, it comes with fun and at no cost at all.  Learning English is the most effortless task and it's even more playful if you try this:

Watch English Movies for Good English

easiest ways to learn good english

Do you know how you started learning your mother tongue without any effort? It's similar if you start learning English the same way. Make an effort to make it a part of your life. Watch English movies and web series and listen to English music as well. With this English becomes a part of your daily routine and listening to correct grammar and punctuation all the time will inherently let you develop the skill for speaking and writing good English.

As per stats, more people learn English by watching English movies than by studying it in an orthodox manner. The process of learning good English has never been this simple. Alongside learning good English you can also entertain yourself and vice-versa. Entertainment is the most efficient platform that can help you learn the most complex things in the world.

Here's a list of a few English movies to watch to improve your English (for beginners):

     The King's Speech

     Forrest Gump

     Toy Story

     The Hunger Games

     Jurassic Park


     Notting Hill

English series to improve your English: 

     Modern Family


     Brooklyn 99

     Sherlock Holmes

     Stranger Things

The above-mentioned tactic is most effective if you are a beginner. Share these with your friends as well, as learning good English is now easier than ever.

Good English For Building Relationships

good english for building relationships

Good communication creates a bond between people and it comes in handy if you are good at speaking English. As we already know that most people across the world speak English, so if you want to connect with them, you must have good English speaking skills. It helps you connect with new people and have more friends and as a result, you get to build relationships with more people around you.

Now, if we speak by numbers, people with good English interact with more people and hence, they turn out to be extroverts (good speakers and love to create bonds). However, people with less or no knowledge of English hesitate to interact with people and they turn out to be introverts. Now, the world knows that extroverts are far superior to introverts in the context of creating bonds and making new friends. So it's essential to have good English speaking skills to build a better relationship with people around you.

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