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Shirley Setia Radiates Charm in Floral Mid-Cut Gown as She Gets Clicked at an Event

Shirley Setia's Enchanting Presence in a Floral Mid-Cut Gown Captured at an Event: Top 10 Photos

Shirley Setia: The National Sensation Radiating Charm in a Floral Mid-Cut Gown



Shirley Setia has become a national sensation due to her adorable personality. Shirley Setia is one such example.



The craze for social media has engulfed everyone, and it has become a platform that can instantly catapult someone to stardom. Shirley Setia has garnered significant popularity due to her endearing nature, earning her the status of a national crush.



Shirley Setia: A Rising Star Mesmerizing the Younger Generation with Her Singing and Acting Talent



Shirley enjoys immense popularity among the younger generation. She is carving her path as a singer and an actor. Shirley has released numerous covers on YouTube and continues to mesmerize her audience with live performances. Remarkably, Shirley has been active on social media from a very young age.

Shirley Setia's Journey Begins: A YouTube Upload at 16 and the Soaring Popularity of "Tum Hi Ho"

At the age of 16, Shirley uploaded a song on YouTube, which received an overwhelming response and marked the beginning of her journey. Her popularity soared with the release of the song "Tum Hi Ho."



Besides her singing career, Shirley ventured into acting with the Netflix film 'Masca.' Following this, she will be seen in the movie 'Nikamma' alongside Shilpa Shetty.

Shirley moved to New Zealand with her parents at a young age and completed her studies there. She is consistently releasing music videos while simultaneously pursuing her acting career.