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Top 5 web series of OTT liplock and boldness in Hindi audio

Top 5 web series of OTT created panic, full of liplock and boldness

Top 5 web series of OTT created panic full of liplock and boldness

You will get all kinds of content on OTT. You can watch comedy, suspense, thriller, and bold series on OTT.

Gandii Baat

Talking about this bold web series, all the limits of boldness have been broken in the episodes of Gandii Baat. 7 seasons of this series have arrived.

Lovely Massage Parlor

Lovely Massage Parlor is an adult series, people were blown away after watching it. You can also watch this series on Ullu app.

Kavita bhabhi

Kavita Bhabhi is an erotic web series that depicts the story of a woman named Kavita in which the woman talks to a man on the phone.

Mona Home Delivery

Kangana Sharma is playing the lead role in the Mona Home Delivery web series, this series is full of hot scenes. This story revolves around a prostitute.

Lust Stories

Bollywood actress Kiara Advani's web series Lust Stories is also included in the adult series. In this scene, the bold scene of the actress has gone viral.


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