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Controversial Adipurush Movie Dialogue Revamped

Controversial Hanumanji Dialogue Revamped

Controversial Hanumanji Dialogue Revamped: Adipurush Makers Address Backlash and Modify Lines in Prabhas-starrer

Adipurush has been generating significant buzz ever since its release, garnering attention for its contentious dialogues and underwhelming visual effects.

Changed Dialogue

Old Dialogue


In response to the widespread criticism, the creators of Adipurush have taken steps to amend the controversial dialogue attributed to Lord Hanumanji in the film. A video shared on Twitter offers a sneak peek into the updated version of Om Raut's Ramayan. The original line, "Kapda tere baap ka, tel tere baap ka, aag bhi tere baap ki, aur jalegi bhi tere baap ki," has undergone modifications and transformed into the more acceptable "Kapda teri Lanka ka, tel teri Lanka ka, aag bhi teri Lanka ki, aur jalegi bhi teri Lanka hi." Fulfilling their commitment, filmmaker and writer Manoj Muntashir has successfully revamped the controversial lines lines in the Prabhas-starrer Adipurush.