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Drag Race Season 16 Top Three Memoir Challenge

Drag Race Season 16 Top Three Memoir Challenge

Drag Race Season 16 Top Three Format and Memoir Challenge


Elimination Drama: Final Challenge Winner, Bottom Two Declaration, and Queen's Exit

After seven seasons, "Drag Race" reintroduces the top three format, bidding farewell to one contestant from Season 16's semifinals.

Departure of Morphine Love Dion

Morphine Love Dion, after her fourth time in the bottom, was eliminated, leaving behind a final four: Sapphira Cristal, Plane Jane, Nymphia Wind, and Q.

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Return to Top Three Format

RuPaul's Drag Race reverts to the top three format, previously seen in Season 8, deviating from the recent top four lip-sync battles tradition.

Challenge: Memoir Creation

The top four contestants are tasked with writing and selling their memoirs as a promotional challenge for RuPaul's new memoir, "The House of Hidden Meanings." The challenge includes writing pieces of the memoir, selecting a catchy title, participating in a book cover shoot, and undergoing an interview with Matt Rogers.



Forced Vulnerability Challenge

In a classic "Drag Race" twist, contestants are required to showcase vulnerability on stage while branding their personal stories. Journalist Ronan Farrow joins the judging panel to critique their writing.

Final Runway Theme: "Fandango"

Contestants must create looks incorporating fans for the final runway of the season.

Elimination Drama

A final challenge winner is determined, followed by the declaration of a bottom two. The episode concludes with a lip sync to Tina Turner's "Better Be Good to Me," resulting in the elimination of one last queen before the finale.

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