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Kelsey Anderson Mark Denise Parents Engagement New York Plans

Kelsey Anderson Mark Denise Parents Engagement New York Plans

Kelsey Anderson: Bachelor Winner's Family, Engagement, and Big Apple Dreams

Kelsey shared Family Snapshot: Kelsey Anderson shares a rare photo of her parents, Mark and late mom Denise, showing a striking resemblance between Kelsey and her mother.

Cherished Memories of Denise

Kelsey fondly remembers her mother, Denise, who passed away in 2018 due to breast cancer. Kelsey shares a heartwarming conversation with her dad about her mom's influence and bravery, feeling supported throughout her journey on The Bachelor.

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Kelsey and Joey Life After Reality TV

Image source: Instagram/ _kelsey_anderson

Love in Bloom: Kelsey and Joey's Engagement

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei, winners of The Bachelor season 28, are engaged and planning their future together. While wedding plans are pending, Kelsey and Joey are excited about their upcoming honeymoon in Europe.

From Bayou to Big Apple: Kelsey and Joey's Relocation Plans

Kelsey and Joey plan to move from New Orleans to New York City. They express eagerness for this new chapter and are enjoying discovering new things about each other as they navigate their relationship post-Bachelor.


Kelsey and Joey's Life After Reality TV

Reflecting on their Bachelor experience, Kelsey and Joey discuss maintaining relationships with fellow contestants and how they've grown closer as a couple. Kelsey shares her strategy of journaling to separate her feelings for Joey from her friendships on the show, ultimately feeling content with the outcome.



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