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Trevor Sova Love is Blind Breakup Professional Life Net Worth

Trevor Sova Love Is Blind Breakup Professional Life Net Worth

Trevor Sova: Love is Blind, Breakup with Natalia, Professional Life, and Net Worth


Love is Blind 6 Contestants Trevor Sova Business Objectives:

Trevor, a Project Manager at Cardinal Health in North Carolina, has a net worth of $200K USD. Trevor values ambition in a partner and shares glimpses of Trevor's personal life through his passion for fitness and dogs on Instagram.

Trevor Sova Chelsea Blackwell Instagram Post

Trevor Sova Personal Background Secrets:

Born in Somerville in August 1993, Trevor's family background is unknown. Details about his parents and possible siblings have been kept private, adding mystery to his life story.

Trevor Sova Love Quadrangle Drama with Chelsea, Jessica:

During Love Is Blind Season 6, Trevor found himself finding love with contestants Chelsea Blackwell, and Jessica Vestal, but his efforts were in vain. Trevor Sova has been in the news as a contestant on 'Love Is Blind' Season 6. His public image faced scrutiny due to reports of his breakup with Natalia Marrero just before the show aired.

 Trevor Sova Love Is Blind Breakup Professional Life Net Worth

Trevor and Natalia Relationship Struggles:

Correspondence between Trevor Sova and Natalia Marrero surfaced, revealing a tense dynamic. Trevor acknowledged his shortcomings while expressing his reluctance to engage in conversation. Trevor Sova and Natalia Marrero's breakup added complexity to their relationship story.

 Trevor Sova Chelsea Blackwell

Allegations and controversies over Trevor Sova:

Allegations surfaced about Trevor's secret relationship with Natalia Marrero while participating in 'Love Is Blind' Season 6. Reports suggested discussions about proposing to Chelsea Blackwell without honest intentions led to controversy.

Trevor Sova Instagram Personality:

With 164K followers on Instagram, Trevor shares curated aspects of his life that delve into his passion for fitness, being with dogs, and the intricacies of Trevor's romantic pursuits.


Trevor Sova Age and Mysterious Family Background:

Born in 1993, Trevor Sova is 30 years old. Despite Trevor's public persona, details about his family, parents, and possible siblings are unknown, which contributes to the mystery surrounding his life.


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