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Love is Blind S6 Trevor Sova Natalia Chelsea

Love s Blind-S6 Trevor Sova Natalia Chelsea

Love is Blind Season 6: Trevor Sova Allegations, Natalia Marrero Relationship, and Current Status with Chelsea Blackwell


Allegations against Trevor Sova: Affair with Natalia Marrero during filming of 'Love is Blind' Season 6:

Serious allegations have surfaced that suggest 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 contestant Trevor Sova was in a committed relationship with realtor Natalia Marrero while filming the show. Leaked texts show Trevor expressing love and commitment, even discussing marriage.

Trevor's drama was exposed on social media. Trevor's relationship was not real:

Social media reports suggest that Trevor had discussed proposing to Chelsea, another cast member on the show, while in a relationship with Natalia. Leaked texts revealed that Trevor viewed the show as a staged play and apologized for pretending that their relationship was not real.

 Trevor Sova Natalia Marrero

Image source: Natalia Marrero Blackwell Instagram Post

Natalia's expressions of support and love:

Natalia appears to have supported Trevor in his actions, constantly confirming her understanding of his situation and expressing her unconditional love for him during the lovemaking on the show.

Breakup with Natalia and allegation of ghosting:

Trevor reportedly ended his relationship with Natalia in February 2024, just before the airing of 'Love Is Blind' season 6. Leaked messages reveal that Trevor ghosted Natalia for a week before the breakup, causing Natalia to express her disappointment.

Trevor's current relationship status with Chelsea Blackwell:

 Trevor Sova Chelsea Blackwell

Image source: Trevor Sova Chelsea Blackwell Instagram Post

The current status of Trevor's relationship with Chelsea Blackwell remains unknown. However, with Trevor and Chelsea speculated to be reunited in the upcoming episodes, there has been speculation among fans on social media about Chelsea and Trevor.

Fans speculate about Jimmy and Trevor on social media:

Based on the teasers and interactions shown in the upcoming episode of 'Love Is Blind Season 6’, fans on social media have expressed opinions about Trevor being a better match for Chelsea than her current partner, Jimmy.


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