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Follow these 7 styles of Shivangi Joshi or Pranali Rathod and you will look brightest in Navratri

7 style

Follow these 7 styles during Navratri


1. Choose a bright Saree Colors: Choose a saree of bright colors like red, orange, pink, or yellow for Navaratri. Sarees with traditional prints and embroidery also look good.


2. Blouse Designs: Choose a matching or contrasting blouse with the saree. Choli style or off-shoulder blouses are also in trend.


3. Choose traditional Jewelry Style: Complete your look with traditional jewelry like jhumkas, choker necklace, bangles, and maang tikka.

 Follow these 7 styles during Navratri


4. Bold and Bright Makeup: Consider doing bold makeup for Navaratri. Choose bright eyeshadows, winged eyeliner, and vibrant lipstick.


5. Traditional Hairstyle: Traditional hairstyle like bun or braid with Gajra can make your look even more beautiful.

Follow Pranali Rathod Half Up Half Down Hairstyles to look like Abhira

Pranali Rathod Half Up Half Down Hairstyles


6. Footwear: Choose comfortable and stylish juttis or heels that match with your saree.


7. Mehndi: Applying Mehndi can enhance the traditional look even more.

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