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These 5 habits of Shivangi Joshi will give you positive strength during Navratri

Positive strength during Navratri

These 5 habits of Shivangi Joshi keep her full of positive energy


1. Pray and meditate, you will remain happy: Worship and meditate on Maa Durga daily. This will keep your mind calm and you will be full of positive energy. Your work will also increase and your mind will remain happy. You will be happy by smiling every day.


2. Positive mantras and meditation: If you want to be happy, capable, and full of success, then you should use positive mantras and meditation in your life.


3. Yoga and exercise: Shivangi Joshi does it daily, which keeps her mind calm and keeps her fit. Yoga and exercise also reduce stress and increase positivity in your life.

 Follow these 7 styles during Navratri

4. Avoid internal thoughts and negative influences: Consider your inner self from time to time and understand your merits and demerits. Try to improve. Stay away from negative things. Let only positivity and inspiration come into your life.


5. Eat healthy food as much as possible: Shivangi Joshi eats healthy and sattvik food as much as possible during Navratri. Eat fruits, vegetables, and yogurt.

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