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MS Dhoni fans made such comments on Sandeep Sharma tweet

MS Dhoni's fans made such comments on Sandeep Sharma's tweet

If you had hit one more six, what would have happened to you Sandeep, MS Dhoni's fans made such comments on Sandeep Sharma's tweet

Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not hit a six off Sandeep Sharma, due to which Chennai Super Kings lost the match.

Dhoni could not win the team, Sandeep Sharma congratulated Dhoni

The match against Rajasthan was Dhoni's 200th match as captain for Chennai Super Kings. The fans were hoping that Chennai would win this match. Dhoni raised the expectations of the fans further by hitting two sixes in the last over. However, Mahi could not do this feat on the last ball and the team lost the match by three runs.

Sandeep Sharma shared Dhoni's picture late night and congratulated him for the special milestone. Sandeep wrote, 'Congratulations to Dhoni on 200 IPL matches. An honor to spend time on the field with you and bowl against you. I will be grateful to you. Dreams come true.

Fans told Sandeep – would have eaten one more six

Dhoni fans commented below this tweet that if Sandeep Sharma was a fan of Mahi, he would have hit a six on the last ball. Some users wrote, 'Brother, what would have happened if he had hit sixes on the last ball.' While some said that Sandeep should have bowled the last ball full toss. Some said that Sandeep should have gifted the victory to Mahi.


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