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Virat Kohli got his 12th tattoo done before IPL

Virat Kohli got his 12th tattoo done before IPL

Virat Kohli got his 12th tattoo done before IPL, what does this tattoo mean?

Before the start of IPL 2023, Virat Kohli has made 12th tattoo, let us tell you that there is something special in all the tattoos of Virat Kohli and this 12th tattoo is also special.

Virat's tattoo artist

Virat's tattoo artist Bhanushali told the meaning of this tattoo

The special meaning behind Virat Kohli's 12th tattoo is explained by his tattoo designer. He told that some time ago Kohli and he met in his studio.

Tattoo artist Bhanushali told that Virat wanted to cover his old tattoo and get a new tattoo done and Kohli asked to get a tattoo made that reflects spirituality and life and seems to connect all things with each other, which is a symbol of unity and the circle of life. be the source Earlier, the 11 tattoos made on Virat's hands also have some special meaning.

Virat's tattoo 2023

It took 14 hours to get tattooed

This tattoo is very special for Virat Kohli, which gives a special message, it took 14 hours to make this tattoo. This tattoo was completed in two different sessions first it took 6 hours in Mumbai and 8 hours in Bangalore then this tattoo was completed.

Virat's tattoo

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