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A Heartbreaking Episode Unfolds in Anupama

Anuj Shatters the Family with News of Samar's Demise

Anupamaa's Heartbreaking Twist

The upcoming episodes of 'Anupamaa' are going to be very painful for the audience too. In the last show, we have seen that Anupama's beloved Samar was shot and he died. Now in the upcoming episode, we will see that the truth of Samar's death will finally be revealed to Anupama and the women of the entire family, in such a situation no one will believe that their beloved is no longer among them.

In the October 4 episode, we will see that all the women in the house will be playing Antakshari. Then suddenly the lights go off and Anupama starts lighting the candle. As soon as he turns back with the candle, Anuj will be standing in front of him. Vanraj, Bapuji, Toshu and more are also there with him, but everyone's faces are pale. Kinjal will ask why everyone is so silent? Ba will also come forward and ask what the matter is.


Anuj will give the news of Samar's death, Anupama will feel joking.

Only then it will come into light. Anupama will see that Anuj has tears in his eyes. All the women will be a little nervous seeing everyone in this condition. Meanwhile, Anupama will ask Anuj where Samar is left? But he will not get any answer. Then Anuj will cry and tell her, 'Not Samar. Summer will not come now. He went away Anu. Has left us forever and ever. The whole family will be stunned after hearing this.


Anuj Shatters the Family with News of Samar's Demise

At the same time, Vanraj is also standing listless. The only scene that would be flashing before his eyes was the one when Samar lost his life to save Anuj. Everyone is shocked after Samar is shot. Sweety will get a big shock after hearing Anuj's words. No one will be able to believe that his summer is gone. On the other hand, Anupama will feel that everyone is making fun of her and in such a situation she will start laughing loudly.

Anupama will laugh at everyone and tell them that Samar was in her kitchen just now and has eaten kheer from her hands. Your acting is amazing. While on one hand the tears of Anuj, Vanraj, Adhik, Toshu and Bapuji are not stopping, on the other hand, the women of the family will start feeling that it is only a joke on them.