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A Reunion and Unique Performance

Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner's Nervous Backflips on Stage with Taylor Swift


Taylor Lautner's Backflips on Stage with Taylor Swift

 Lautner's unique way of coping with nervousness during Taylor Swift's concert.

Reunion at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

The significant reunion of Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift at the concert, given their past involvement in the film "Valentine's Day" and their brief relationship.

Taylor Lautner's Nervous Backflips on Stage with Taylor Swift

The Backflip Decision

Lautner's explanation of why he decided to do backflips during the show and how it helped him overcome his discomfort.

Taylor Swift's Invitation for "I Can See You" Music Video

How Taylor Swift reached out to Lautner to appear in her music video and his wife's enthusiastic approval.

Co-Stars in the Music Video

 Mention of the other co-stars, Joey King and Presley Cash, and their appearance at the video's premiere during Swift's Kansas City concert.

Taylor Lautner's Memorable Backflip

 Highlighting Lautner as the only one to perform a backflip on the catwalk during the video premiere.