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Actress Trolled as Palak and Puja Engage in a Heated Argument on Big Boss OTT Season 2

Heated Argument on Big Boss OTT Season 2

Palak and Puja engaged in a heated argument, actress trolled


The contestants of the second season of Big Boss OTT are quite diverse. There are TV stars, social media stars, and even Bollywood stars. In such a scenario, everyone is striving to prove themselves better.


In the episode that aired last Thursday night, there was a dispute between Puja Bhatt and Palak Purswani. Although Palak spoke to Puja in a polite manner, Puja consistently spoke in a raised voice, which has now made the actress a target of trolling. In a previous episode as well, Puja displayed a similar attitude towards Palak, and Palak had to listen to her. 


Meanwhile, people are trolling Puja Bhatt for her behavior with Palak. One user wrote, "Puja Bhatt has gone overboard." Another wrote, "Puja has a lot of superiority complex. Where do these big shots come from?" Yet another user commented, "Even flop actors consider themselves a hit in front of television people."

It should be noted that the contestant Punit Superstar left the house within 24 hours due to his inappropriate behavior. Now people are saying that if Puja doesn't bring any changes in her behavior soon, she will also be out of the house.


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