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AGT Season 18 Winner

AGT Season 18 Winner

America's Got Talent 2023: A night of unforgettable moments and a worthy winner

The latest 18 seasons of America's Got Talent have been thrilling, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as they watched breathtaking performances and jaw-dropping acts. After months of auditions, heart-touching stories, and intense competition, the grand finale was thrilling.

America's Got Talent Season 18 Winner: Adrian Stoica & Hurricane

Ending the sentence with stars:

- The finale was divided into two parts, with the top 11 artists showcasing their incredible talent in the first part.

- The contestants left no stone unturned as they gave it their all for a chance at glory.

Judges Panel:

- This season's judges were the charming Sofia Vergara, the glamorous Heidi Klum, the ever-demanding Simon Cowell, and the witty Howie Mandel.

- His insightful comments and lively banter added an extra layer of excitement to each episode.

Ukrainian acrobats wow America Got Talent

Big Winner:

- After a tough competition, the act that emerged as the champion of America's Got Talent Season 18 was none other than Adrian Stoica and Hurricane.

-The duo's adorable performance of Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" left the audience in awe.

- In a surprise twist, Sofia Vergara joined Adrian Stoica on stage during the performance, adding an unexpected and memorable moment to the show.

Awards and Prizes:

- The winners of America's Got Talent receive a $1 million cash prize, a life-changing amount that recognizes their incredible talent and hard work.

- In addition to the cash prize, Adrian Stoica and Hurricane will receive the privilege of headlining the Superstar Live Show at the prestigious Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Elimination Order:

- The journey to the championship began with the elimination of several talented acts.

- The first six acts eliminated in the competition were Lavender Darkangelo, Chibi Unity, Ahren Belisle, 82nd Airborne Chorus, Mzansi Youth Choir and Avantgarde.

- The top five finalists who made it to the grand finale were Ramadhani Brothers, Putri Ariani, Murmuration, Anna DeGuzman (runner-up), and the eventual winners, Adrian Stoica and Hurricane.


America's Got Talent season 18 was a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing a wide variety of talent and making viewers eagerly anticipate each episode. In the end, it was Adrian Stoica and the Hurricanes who were crowned champions.


The remarkable performances of all the contestants along with their journey made this season truly unforgettable, proving once again that there is no limit to the talent on this prestigious platform. We can't wait to see what the next season of America's Got Talent has in store for us!