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Akshara showed her new angry side

Akshara showed her new angry side

Showed Akshara's new form and slapped the one who teased her

YRKKH Akshara showed her new angry side: In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Aarohi slaps Sujit Mamaji hard on his cheek. In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Mahima and Manjari will question Aarohi. Aarohi will tell that Sujit Mamaji has touched her inappropriately not once but four times. Manjari and Mahima will be shocked. Sujeet's wife will come and she will start raising questions on Aarohi's character.

Akshara will be against Aarohi

Sujeet will try to instigate Akshara against Aarohi, and Akshara will get enraged and will scold Sujeet. After hearing all this, Manjari and Mahima hold each other. Everyone will decide to support Aarohi.

Sujit Mamaji teased in Akshara Abhimanyu's music program

Akshara will go to get ready for her sangeet. After getting ready, a family photoshoot will be done with Abhimanyu and Abhir. Ruhi and Abhir will take the stage. Other members of the house will come one by one to dance on the stage. Akshara's health during the program