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Alexis Bellino Relationship Drama

Alexis Bellino Relationship Drama

Real Housewives Star Alexis Bellino: Relationship Drama, Breakups, and Internet Backlash


Alexis Bellino's New Relationship with John Janssen


Alexis Bellino, from "Real Housewives of Orange County," confirmed her relationship with John Janssen through an Instagram post flaunting a promise diamond ring. Fans criticized the speed of their relationship, mocking both Alexis and John for moving too quickly.

Alexis clarified they weren't engaged, just wearing a promise ring.

shannon beador reaction to alexis bellino relationship

Image source: IG@alexis_bellino

Alexis's Past Relationship with Andy Bohn

Alexis ended her three-year engagement to film producer Andy Bohn in September 2023, publicly announcing their relationship in 2019 and getting engaged in 2020.

She attributed the breakup to personal struggles after her mother's death, claiming it either made or broke the couple.


john janssen shannon beador breakup

Image source: IG@alexis_bellino


How Alexis Met John Janssen

Alexis and John met through mutual friends and sparked dating rumors after being frequently spotted together, including at The Quiet Woman in Corona Del Mar, California.

Publicist Spencer Lubitz mentioned they were 'becoming friends' due to shared interests before their relationship blossomed.


alexis bellino john janssen dating rumors

Image source: IG@alexis_bellino

John Janssen's Previous Relationship with Shannon Beador

John ended his nearly four-year relationship with Shannon Beador in November 2022 due to compatibility issues.

Shannon, hurt by John's departure during her lawsuit with Jim Bellino, expressed her feelings cryptically on social media and stated she was "hurt" by his new romance with Alexis.

 Alexis Bellino's New Relationship with John Janssen

Image source: IG@alexis_bellino

Shannon Beador's Reaction to Alexis and John's Relationship

Shannon Beador, John's ex-girlfriend, posted cryptically about healing and laughter on Instagram, indirectly addressing her feelings about the new relationship. She expressed being hurt by John's actions despite his knowledge of her previous struggles, receiving support online for deserving better than John.


"Real Housewives of Orange County" star, Alexis Bellino, openly kissed John Janssen on a boat, confirming their relationship to the public