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Bachelor Date Critique Daisy Cochlear Implant Joey

Bachelor Date Critique Daisy Cochlear Implant Joey

Bachelor Fans Critique Date Choice as Daisy Reveals Cochlear Implant to Joey


Controversial Date Choice

Fans of The Bachelor criticized the one-on-one date between Joey Graziadei and Daisy Kent due to concerns about its appropriateness given Daisy's hearing impairment.

Daisy's Cochlear Implant Revelation

During the date, Daisy shared her experience with a cochlear implant, explaining that she uses it to aid her hearing after battling Lyme Disease.

Helicopter Ride Anxiety

Daisy A Romantic Helicopter Ride with the Bachelor Joey Graziadei

Image source: IG/ Daisy Kathryn Rae Kent

Daisy expressed worry about the helicopter ride, fearing the loud noise might worsen her hearing. Fans questioned the producers' decision to include such an activity.

Mixed Reactions on Social Media

Joey Graziadei Bachelor Season and Fans Predictio

Image source: IG/ Daisy Kathryn Rae Kent

Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to express disappointment, with some calling the producers "cruel" for choosing the helicopter date.

Positive Connection Despite Challenges

Despite the controversy, fans acknowledged the chemistry between Daisy and Joey, praising the romantic moments during the date.

Daisy's Implant Revelation to Joey

Daisy eventually disclosed her hearing impairment to Joey, showcasing her cochlear implant, leading to a heartfelt conversation.

Fan Appreciation for Joey's Response

Daisy hearing issue the bachelor

Image source: IG/ Daisy Kathryn Rae Kent

Viewers praised Joey's attentive and supportive reaction to Daisy's revelation, emphasizing the positive aspects of their connection.