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Bachelor Drama Maria Sydney Controversy

Bachelor Drama Maria Sydney Controversy

Drama Unfolds: Maria Considers Leaving

Bachelor Nation is upset with a contestant, "Sydney 2.0," and urges Joey to send her home after drama ensues with Maria, who contemplates leaving the show.

Lea's Disapproval: Advocates for Maria's Departure

Lea voices strong disapproval of Maria and questions her continued presence in the competition. Lea, critical of Maria, cites an earlier incident on a two-on-one date where Sydney was sent home, leaving lingering tensions.

Fans Disapprove of Lea's Negativity

Fans express displeasure on social media platforms, formerly known as Twitter, condemning Lea's negative comments about Maria. Some fans criticize Lea's perspective and question her motivations.

Maria Stays Despite Intent to Leave

Maria initially wants to leave after pre-rose ceremony drama but ultimately stays. Joey gives his last rose to Lea, leaving fans annoyed and speculating on producer intervention.

Bachelor Nation Contestants Head to Spain

The setting shifts to Spain, providing a new environment for the contestants. Maria appears more positive, expressing that she "woke up refreshed" in the new location.

Lea Questions Maria's Commitment

In confessional interviews, Lea shares her confusion about Maria's continued presence in the competition after Maria had considered leaving due to previous drama. Lea questions Maria's commitment to the Bachelor, raising doubts about her intentions.