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Bachelor Women Tell All Final Two Revealed

Bachelor Women Tell All Final Two Revealed

The Bachelor: Women Tell All Recap and Final Two Revealed


Final Two Revealed: Kelsey and Daisy

In the Women Tell All episode of "The Bachelor," Joey Graziadei announced his final two contenders: Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent. This decision followed the emotional departure of Rachel Nance in a tearful goodbye between the trio.

Torn Between Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson

Kelsey's Heartfelt Note and Conversation

The episode addressed the cliffhanger from the previous week, where Kelsey knocked on Joey's door and left a handwritten note stating "We need to talk."

Women Tell All Recap and Final Two Revealed

Image source: Instargram/BachelorABC (Rachel eliminated week TBA)

Despite the ominous nature of the note, Kelsey's conversation with Joey was unexpectedly positive. Kelsey's expressed her feelings honestly, emphasizing the importance of communication and their connection.

The Bachelor Joey Graziadei Finale Twist Unveiled

Image source: Rachel Post Social Media Post

Relief and Second Final Rose for Kelsey

Despite initial concerns, Kelsey received Joey's second final rose, securing her spot in the upcoming finale. Kelsey's genuine expression of feelings evidently resonated with Joey, reassuring her position in the competition.

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