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Bigg Boss fame Abdu Rozik height has increased

Abdu Rozik, 'Chhote Bhaijaan' shared the good news

Miracle! The increasing height of 'Bigg Boss' fame Abdu Rozik, 'Chhote Bhaijaan' shared the good news

Tajikistani singer Abdu Rozik has become very popular after Bigg Boss 16. His fan flying has also increased. Abdu, who has made millions of people crazy with his cuteness, often shares updates related to his life with his fans. At the same time, recently Abdu has shared such good news. Everyone is surprised to hear that.

Abdu Rozik shared the good news

Actually, Abdu Rozik has shared a post on his Instagram. Through this post, he has told that his height is increasing. Abdu Rozik wrote in the caption- "Can you see the difference? Doctors said that I will not be able to grow anymore because I have zero percent growth hormones. Alhamdulillah, this is a miracle, the result of all your love, support and prayers." I'm growing up." Abdu's fans are very happy with this news and are congratulating him.

Fans are happy for Abdu

A fan commented on Abdu's photo and wrote- "Abdu Rozik you are very cute." Another fan wrote- "God sets everything right." Another fan wrote- "Keep smiling and keep growing. Be happy. We love you the same way. God bless Abdu..."

Abdu is battling this disease

Significantly, the height of 19-year-old Abdu Rozik is 3 feet 1 inch. He was battling growth hormone deficiency. He got growth hormone deficiency at the age of 5. Its treatment was possible but due to financial constraints in the family, he could not get it treated. However, now this news has raised a ray of hope for Abdu.