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Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 Pooja Bhatt vs Fukra Insan

Fukra Insan called Pooja the school principal

The anger of the family members erupted against Pooja Bhatt, Abhishek revealed the school principal

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 has started. A lot of drama is also being seen among the contestants in the house. So far, the relationships between the family members are also deteriorating. Meanwhile, the true colors of many family members are coming out. In the midst of all this, Pooja Bhatt has also started showing her attitude, which angered the family members.

The family members got angry at Pooja's behavior
In fact, Pooja Bhatt has recently been seen shouting a lot at Palak Purswani and Jia, which made Palak very emotional and she started crying bitterly. Other contestants are also surprised to see Pooja's behavior. All this happened during a task.

Pooja scolds Jia
It so happened that Bigg Boss had given a task called "Fake Alert" where all the members had to identify the most fake member of the house, and some people took the name of Manisha Rani. After this task, when Manisha Rani started crying in the kitchen and Jia and Palak went there, Pooja Bhatt suddenly got angry at her. Pooja scolded Palak and Jia, saying that Manisha has bigger thoughts than both of you.

"Fukra Insan" called Pooja the school principal
When Palak started crying due to Pooja Bhatt's behavior, Avinash tried to console her and advised her to directly confront Pooja if this happens again. When Palak shared this with Abhishek, who is known as "Fukra Insan," he referred to Pooja as the school principal.

It should be noted that the contestants have previously complained about Pooja's behavior. They believe that Pooja is very dominating and wants to keep everyone under her control. Pooja's behavior has also triggered outrage on social media.