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Billy and Emily AGT Fantasy League 2024 Performance

Billy and emily agt fantasy league 2024 performance

The Incredible Rise of Billy and Emily England: AGT Fantasy League 2024


Who are Billy and Emily England?

Billy and Emily Family Background: Born and raised in Birmingham, UK, Billy and Emily England, also known as Victor and Emilia Arata, come from a family deeply rooted in circus-style performances.

Billy and Emily Early Training: their mother, was a successful trapeze artist. Their mother started training Billy and Emily when they were four years old.

Family Influence: Their late father, a former wire-walker, served as a source of inspiration for their collaborative performances.

 Who are Billy and Emily England

Image Source: IG/ Billy and Emily England

America's Got Talent and Beyond

AGT Season 12: In 2017, the duo participated in 'America's Got Talent,' impressing judges and making it to the semi-finals.

Post-AGT: Following their AGT journey, Billy and Emily continued performing live and joined the daring circus show 'Absinthe' in Las Vegas, known for its daring roller-skating acts.


Britain's Got Talent Experience

BGT Season 9: Competing in 'Britain's Got Talent,' they showcased a gravity-defying roller-skating act during the audition, securing a spot in the semi-finals but not winning the title.


AGT: Fantasy League 2024

Billy and Emily AGT Fantasy League 2024 Performance: Ahead of their participation in 'AGT: Fantasy League,' the duo has teased a groundbreaking performance, promising unprecedented and daring roller-skating feats.