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Cast Exposes Taarak Mehta Producer for Exploitation

Cast Members Break Silence on Serious Allegations and Gender Bias

Dark Secrets of TV Hit Show Revealed: Cast Members Break Silence on Serious Allegations and Gender Bias

TV's most popular show, 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah,' has been the subject of much discussion lately. Ever since Jennifer Mistry, who plays 'Roshan Bhabhi' on the show, accused Asit Modi of sexual harassment, new revelations related to the show have come to light. Following Jennifer and Monica, Priya Ahuja has also leveled serious allegations against Asit Modi, the producer of Tarak Mehta.

Exclusion and Lack of Respect: Priya Ahuja's Experience

Priya Ahuja, who portrays Rita reporter in Taarak Mehta, claims that actors are subjected to discrimination and exploitation on the set. The actress shared her experience of being taunted when she requested work. Many times, Priya was told that she doesn't need to work because her husband is a director, implying that she can rule like a queen.

Not called to the set for 9 months.

Discussing the allegations made by Jennifer and Monica in a media interview, Priya said, "I am the wife of the director who has worked with the people on this show for 14 years. Imagine if I didn't receive basic respect. So, people like Monica, who are speaking openly in front of everyone, are not wrong. I wasn't called to the show for 9 months because my relationship with Malav has ended."

Male Dominance on the Show: Priya Ahuja Speaks Out

The actress further added, "The set of the show is completely male-dominated. I was surprised when Mandar supported the makers in Jennifer's case, as they were very good friends." Regarding Jennifer's behavior on the set, Priya stated that Jennifer is disciplined and one of the most pleasant individuals on the show.