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Christian Nodal Heartwarming Moments with Baby Inti

Baby Inti

Christian Nodal Romani Adventure: Heartwarming Dad Moments with Baby Inti

Christian Nodal, fresh off his Latin GRAMMY win, ventured to Italy after captivating audiences in Spain. Joining him on this European escapade were Cazzu, their baby girl Inti, and his family. Sharing glimpses of their Roman adventures on social media, Nodal’s mother, Cristy, unveiled heartwarming scenes of her son embracing fatherhood.

 Nodal and Cazzu Baby Girl

Image credit: Instagram/@nodal

A charming video showed Nodal cradling Inti as they explored Rome's streets, showering her with affectionate kisses.

Cristy, overjoyed at being a grandmother to both Nodal's and likely his sister's children, expressed her happiness, though respecting their choice to shield the babies' identities by using stickers in her social media posts.

Inti: A Radiant and Distinctive Name for Nodal and Cazzu's Baby Girl

A Radiant and Distinctive Name for Nodal and Cazzu's Baby Girl

Image credit: Instagram/@Cristy_nodal & @Cazzu

Nodal and Cazzu recently revealed their newborn daughter's name: Inti. This name, spotted earlier on a necklace worn by the singer, has roots in Quechua, a language group from the Peruvian Andes. 

'Inti' translates to 'Sun' and symbolizes attributes like light, warmth, and strength. Cristy, Nodal's mother, joyfully shared this news, expressing her excitement in embracing her role as a grandmother.


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