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Clash between Pooja Bhatt and Jiya Shankar Intensifies in BB OTT 2

Pooja Bhatt Targets Jiya Shankar

BB OTT 2: Pooja Bhatt Targets Jiya Shankar, Calls Her "Slow Poison"

The second season of Bigg Boss OTT is becoming more sensational with each passing day. The relationships between the contestants are constantly changing, and conflicts are on the rise. In the upcoming episode, a fierce fight between Pooja Bhatt and Jiya Shankar took place, where Pooja labeled Jiya as "slow poison."


Pooja Bhatt's Outburst against Jiya Shankar

In the house, wildcard entries Elvish Yadav and Ashika Bhatia recently made their entry. Elvish immediately roasted Avinash, leading to Falak siding with him. This eventually led Pooja to talk to Falak, and the conversation reached Jiya. During this interaction, Pooja said things to Jiya that no one had expected.

Pooja Accuses Jiya of Being a "Slow Poison"

Pooja tried to explain to Falak that they should distance themselves from Jiya. She mentioned that Jiya changes her friendship every week. First, she befriends someone, then nominates them for eviction. She argues and later makes amends with a baby face. When she feels cornered, she starts crying. Pooja didn't stop there; she further stated that Jiya manipulates everyone according to her convenience, talks ill behind their backs, and proves herself to be toxic and harmful.


Jiya Strikes Back at Pooja

Jiya doesn't stay silent when it comes to personal attacks. She attempts to respond to Pooja Bhatt, but Pooja interrupts her and tells her to shut up. Pooja continues to lash out at Jiya, suggesting that she should play games with Falak, show her good side, but she cannot fool Pooja. She advises Jiya to be good with Abhishek and then abuse him.


The tensions and conflicts in Bigg Boss OTT 2 are intensifying with each passing episode. The heated confrontation between Pooja Bhatt and Jiya Shankar has added another layer of drama to the show. Viewers are eagerly waiting to witness the aftermath of this intense fight and see how it shapes the dynamics of the house.