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Controversies Surrounding the Upcoming Adipurush Movie

Controversies Surrounding the Upcoming Adipurush Movie and Analyzing the Debate and Backlash

There is an English proverb that says, "City is the Mother of Invention." It means that when the need for something exceeds its limits, we seek new ways to obtain it. However, when there is absolutely no need for something and you venture onto new paths just to prove your cleverness, you won't receive applause.

Great Expectations for the Film

A grand film based on the epic Ramayana is in the making, featuring Prabhas and Sri Ram. People's minds were already brimming with thoughts of breaking all cinema records at that moment. But then, a teaser was released, followed by a trailer, and now a new final trailer has arrived. Honestly, whenever these people bring something big, it doubles the number of doubts and questions in people's minds. Today, after watching the final trailer, I have a complete list of 12 complaints.

Complaints and Observations

1. Lack of Vibrancy in Ramayana's Depiction: Ramayana should be filled with vibrant colors, but the animation falls short.

2. Transformation of Ravana's Lanka: Everyone knows that Ravana's Lanka should be made of gold, but you have transformed it into charcoal, completely ruining the mood.

3. More Excitement for Ravana Than Ram: Despite Ram being the central character in Ramayana, there seems to be more excitement surrounding Ravana. It has clearly failed.

4. Opening Scene and Saif Ali Khan: Saif Ali Khan's opening scene in the trailer fails to match the intensity of a terrorist base. You must have received an answer by now.

5. Hollywood Aspirations: In an attempt to become like Hollywood, why have you forgotten the essence of history? Where is the emotional depth of Ram? Instead, you turned the mighty Vanara army into a cartoon.

6. Neglecting Lakshman: It feels like in the film, Ram and Sita have completely overshadowed Lakshman. How can you ignore him so much?

7. No Mention of Hanuman: In the previous question, why didn't I mention Hanuman? Just the thought of him makes me feel bad. His appearance in the film is disappointing.

8. Lack of Interest in Ramayana: If children ask about Ravana in the future, we will show them the Ramayana TV show by Ramanand Sagar without any doubt. People might stop reading about Ramayana if they see your phone.

9. Impact of Ramcharan's Scene: In Rajamouli's RRR, Ramcharan's scene as Lord Rama carries more weight than this entire 700 crore film. Even now, Complaint Number 10 remains unanswered.

10. Justice to the Characters: It doesn't seem like you have grasped the difference between your character in Baahubali and the character of Lord Rama. It will be a grave mistake for you. Complaint Number 11.

11. Research on Ramayana: Have you truly researched Ramayana? Do you have any genuine belief or is it just a shortcut for you to earn money like every other person in Bollywood? You're not a machine that prints currency notes. We are living beings who watch movies with both our heart and mind. If you deceive us, you will be caught.

12. Learning from YouTube, not School: I have complaints not only from school students but also from YouTube.


It is important to pay attention to people's expectations and respect the essence of the source material when creating adaptations. The complaints raised here indicate a disconnect between the filmmakers' vision and the audience's understanding and