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Daisy Bachelor Season 28 Front Runner

Daisy Bachelor Season 28 Front Runner

Daisy Emerges as Early Fan Favorite on The Bachelor: Fans Rooting for Season 28's Potential Front-Runner

In the premiere episode of The Bachelor's latest season, 25-year-old account executive Daisy from Becker, Minnesota, captured the hearts of Bachelor Nation with her heartfelt revelation about wearing a cochlear implant. Despite not receiving the coveted first impression rose from Joey Graziadei, Daisy's genuine spirit and vulnerability have positioned her as the early front-runner, earning widespread support from fans.

17 year old Daisy won the heart of Joey Graziadei

Image source:abc

17-year-old Daisy won the heart of Joey Graziadei, told the things not to be told

Daisy's journey on The Bachelor began with a memorable entrance as she drove in with a red truck adorned with a Christmas tree, donning a pink sparkly dress. Opening up about losing her hearing at the age of 17 and her recent experience with a cochlear implant, Daisy expressed nervousness about the dating process and being overwhelmed by the noise in the mansion.

Daisy got the support of fans in the first episode itself. Positive posts are coming on social media

Fans took to social media to express their admiration for Daisy, with many labeling her as the season's "front-runner." Comments on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) praised Daisy's pure spirit and likened her to a Taylor Swift-like energy, having grown up on a Christmas tree farm.

During her one-on-one with Joey Graziadei, Daisy shared her desire to get to know him and reminded him to "be kind" to himself throughout the intense Bachelor experience. Despite not receiving the first impression rose, Daisy's connection with Joey, marked by a soft-spoken charm, resulted in a shared kiss.

Daisy got the support of fans in the first episode itself Positive posts are coming on social media

Image source:abc

The Bachelor Nation's anticipation for Daisy's future on the show is evident, with many fans predicting she could either win Joey's heart or become the next Bachelorette.


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