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Daisy Kent Bachelor Childrens Book Cochlear Implant

Daisy Kent Bachelor Childrens Book Cochlear Implant

Daisy Kent Bachelor Star: Children's Book, Cochlear Implant, and Show Impact

Bachelor star Daisy Kent, a standout contestant, has recently garnered applause from fans for her business venture, a children's book titled "Daisy Doo - All the sounds she knew." The book was launched in August last year and features a character, Daisy Doo, who wears a cochlear implant.

 Daisy Kent Bachelor Star


Representation for Kids with Cochlear Implants

Daisy Kent, a 25-year-old from Minnesota, shared on Instagram that her motivation behind creating the book was to address the lack of representation for kids with cochlear implants (CIs). Daisy herself underwent the CI procedure last year after battling health issues, including Lyme disease and Ménière’s disease.


Empowering Kids with CIs

Daisy Instagram post, Daisy expressed her desire to empower kids with CIs and normalize their experiences. She emphasized the importance of the book in opening up communication and providing a window for questions, ultimately creating a positive impact.


Grateful Response from Fans

Daisy's fans flooded the comments section, expressing gratitude for her initiative. Many thanked her for turning a perceived negative into a superpower and highlighted the need for more representation of cochlear implants in literature.


Predictions for Bachelor Success

Viewers of The Bachelor are predicting Daisy's success in the competition, noting her chemistry with lead Joey Graziadei. Daisy's genuine personality and connection with Joey have created anticipation, with many fans believing she might make it to the final stages of the show.

 Bachelor star Daisy Kent

Joey's Admiration for Daisy

Joey Graziadei, the Bachelor lead, has openly expressed his admiration for Daisy. The on-screen chemistry between Daisy and Joey has further fueled speculation about her potential journey on the show.