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Director Request to See Priyanka Chopra Underwear

Director's Request to See Priyanka Chopra's Underwear

When the director wanted to see Priyanka Chopra's underwear, the Actress Made a Startling Revelation

Global actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas is no longer dependent on any identity today. The journey from Bollywood to Hollywood was not easy for the desi girl. Without any godfather, she has achieved her position today through her hard work, which is not within everyone's reach. It has been 21 years for Priyanka in the industry, and after so many years, the actress has made a shocking revelation.

Controversial Demand: Director's Request to See Priyanka Chopra's Underwear

Yes, the journey for Priyanka has not been that easy. Recently, during an interview, the desi girl revealed a dark secret of Bollywood. Priyanka disclosed that in the initial phase of her career, she used to encounter bizarre demands from directors.

Once, a director asked Priyanka, known for her stylish appearance, that instead of her clothes, he wanted to see her underwear. Otherwise, why would anyone come to watch the film? After hearing this disgusting demand from the director, Priyanka considered it better to leave that film. She said that she cannot bear to see the face of such cheap people on the set every day.