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Earlier protest now tax-free Kerala Story

Earlier protest now tax-free Kerala Story

Madhya Pradesh became tax-free The Kerala Story CM Honourable Shivraj Singh Chouhan informed about this on social media, now demand is arising in Maharashtra also

The controversial film The Kerala Story has been released in theatres this Friday. Which has earned well at the box office on the first day itself. Many political parties and communities were demanding to ban the film. Now after the release, the members of Hindu society have demanded to make the film tax-free.

Demand raised to make the film tax-free in Maharashtra

The Hindu Sakal Samaj group sat on dharna raising slogans against Love Jihad in several areas across Maharashtra. He says that after watching this film, there will be awareness about love jihad among the girls of Hindu society. Under this, these people have requested the District Collector to make the film tax-free as soon as possible.

The Kerala Story tax-free in Madhya Pradesh

Let us inform that, where on one hand there is a demand to make the film tax-free in Maharashtra. On the other hand, the Madhya Pradesh government has already taken the step of making this film tax-free.

The film is inspired by true events

'The Kerala Story' is said to be based on true incidents experienced in the southern states, in which many women were groomed to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria through love jihad.