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Golden Bachelor Theresa Nist Wedding Dress Reactions

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner Grand Wedding

Theresa Nist's Wedding Dress: Social Media's Mixed Reactions

Theresa Nist's choice of wedding attire at the Golden Bachelor wedding stirred a storm on social media, prompting varied opinions from viewers.

Theresa Nist Wedding Dress Reactions

For some, the traditional white gown worn for a second wedding appeared excessive. They expressed a personal disinterest in such styles, emphasizing the importance of personal happiness in such decisions.



Another tweet, on the other hand, felt that the dress might have seemed youthful for Theresa, especially with the veil. Despite this, Parker admired Theresa's appearance, aspiring to look as stunning at that age.

Social Media Comments Theresa Nist Wedding Gown

One more tweet, highlighting an ill-fitting aspect around the top part of the dress, suggesting a preference for the first dress Theresa tried.



One more user echoed similar sentiments, pointing out fitting issues and the puzzling nature of the dress's straps, which didn't seem to complement the overall look.


one user diverged from the critique, appreciating the dress but expressing a lesser fondness for the accompanying veil.

gerry theresa la quinta resort wedding

Image source: Golden Bachelor Wedding Gerry Turner Theresa Nist

The user had reservations about the dress style, particularly the mermaid cut and the presence of straps. However, Meyer couldn't deny Theresa's captivating figure, expressing a more traditional view of associating white with weddings.


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