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insidedrama monica garcia feud rhoslc backlash

insidedrama monica garcia feud rhoslc backlash

Monica Garcia: Entrepreneurship, Motherhood, and Divorce on 'RHOSLC'


Feud Between Linda and Monica Garcia

Monica Garcia, a 'RHOSLC' star, faces criticism online over her conflict with her mother, Linda. Viewers accuse Monica of exacerbating the feud and adopting a victim mentality, particularly highlighted during a Bermuda trip incident. Despite initial suspicions, Linda was not involved in Monica's disappearance during filming. Public opinion aligns with Linda, criticizing Monica's behavior and labeling her as the primary source of the conflict.


Monica Garcia's Profession

Monica Garcia proudly identifies as an entrepreneur, serving as the founder and creative director of the baby supply brand, Brea Baby. Her entry into 'RHOSLC' came through a friend, and she manages single motherhood while raising her four children independently.


Marital Status

Monica Garcia is officially divorced from her ex-husband Mike, whom she married in 2009 in a Mormon temple. Together, they have three daughters—Jaidyn, West, and Kendall. Monica also has an eldest daughter, Bri, from a previous relationship.


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