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Insider Clues from Former Bachelor Star Mari Pepin

Insider Clues from Former Bachelor Star Mari Pepin

Former Bachelor Star Mari Pepin Reveals Hidden Clues to Predict The Bachelor Winner


Mari explains the dynamics of the rose ceremony:

During rose ceremonies, Mari explains that the production crew strategically places women involved in drama next to each other for heightened reactions. Additionally, those whose names are called first are typically the bachelor's top choices.

Mari advises contestants for proposal day:

Mari advises viewers to pay attention to the shoes worn by contestants on proposal day. The person shown first during this moment is often the one who gets eliminated.

Superstitions seen in both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette:

Mari touches on the superstition of "breakup blue," noting that there is a trend where contestants wearing blue, regardless of the shade, are more likely to be eliminated. Mari also mentions a superstition known as "breakup blue," where contestants wearing any shade of blue are frequently sent home, superstitions have been seen on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

Protecting the Frontrunners:

Mari Pepin suggests that production tends to shield frontrunners from drama intentionally. Contestants involved in conflicts or situations are usually not the ones ultimately chosen by the bachelor.


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Image source: instagram/mari_pepin