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Jad Hadid Controversial Question Asks Aakanksha Puri About Her Underwear Color on Big Boss OTT 2

aakanksha puri big boss OTT 2

Big Boss OTT 2: Controversy Arises as Jad Hadid Inquires About Aakanksha Puri's Underwear Color

From the very first day, Jad Hadid has been making continuous efforts to get close to Aakanksha Puri on Big Boss OTT 2. From teasing to making inappropriate comments, he seems interested in the model Puri.

Big Boss OTT 2 is undoubtedly becoming interesting with daily twists and turns. In the midst of this, we came across a video on Twitter where Jayd Haddid can be seen bothering Aakanksha Puri during the toy task. However, fans of the show are upset with the model for explicitly stating that she likes her Calvin Klein underwear. Not only that, in the viral clip, Haddid also asks the actress about the color of her underwear, to which Aakanksha tries to silence him. Let's investigate this further.

Akanksha Puri Finally Breaks Her Silence and Addresses the Jade Hadid Question

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