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Joey Graziadei Bachelor 28 Biography Net Worth Career Hawaii

Joey Graziadei Bachelor 28 Biography Net Worth Career Hawaii

Joey Graziadei: The Bachelor Season 28, Biography, Net Worth, Career, and Hawaii Lifestyle


Joey Graziadei: Background

(Learn about the background and life of Joey Graziadei, born and raised in Royersford, Pennsylvania, his education, and journey into reality television.)

Joey Graziadei, born and raised in Royersford, Pennsylvania, is a contestant on the reality television show "The Bachelor." He graduated from Spring-Ford High School in 2013 and pursued tennis at West Chester University, earning a degree in communication and media studies in 2017.

Joey Graziadei Current Role as Ike’ Ola Ambassador

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Joey Graziadei Professional Career

(Explore Joey's career as a teaching tennis professional, Ike Kuluz ambassador, and his experience in the corporate world, including roles at Paylocity and Comdata.)

Before joining "The Bachelor," Graziadei worked as a teaching tennis professional and an Ike Kuluz ambassador at The Club at Kukuiʻula in Koloa, Hawaii. His passion for tennis is evident, having worked in various capacities in the sport, including his time as the head tennis professional at Kukuiula Development Co LLC.

Joey Graziadei Corporate Experience

Joey Graziadei also ventured into the corporate world, serving as an account executive for Paylocity and holding various positions at the payment processor corporation Comdata.

Joey Graziadei Net Worth and Current Job

Image source: IG@bachelorabc

Joey Graziadei Net Worth and Current Job

Discover details about Joey Graziadei net worth, estimated to be around $250,000, and the factors contributing to his financial status.

Joey Graziadei's Current Role as Ola Ambassador

As of the available information, Joey Graziadei's net worth is approximately $250,000. His current role is listed as an "Ike’ Ola Ambassador" at Kukuiula Development, where he fosters relationships with members and guests, encouraging engagement in various activities on Kaua`i.

The Bachelor Season 28 Star

(Get insights into Joey Graziadei's role as the star of "The Bachelor" Season 28, details about the show, and his journey to find love among the contestants.)

Joey Graziadei is the star of the 28th season of "The Bachelor," which premiered on January 22, 2024. The season follows his quest to find love among more than 30 participating women.

Joey Graziadei Residence in Hawaii

(Explore details about Joey's current residence in Hawaii, his lifestyle, and the description of his life in paradise according to his "The Bachelorette" biography.)

While Joey has lived in various states, including Pennsylvania and Illinois, he currently resides in Hawaii. His biography for "The Bachelorette" describes his life in Hawaii as a paradise, spending his days on the court and evenings on the beach with friends.

The Bachelor Season 28 Premiere Date

Find information about the premiere date of "The Bachelor" Season 28, airing on ABC, and details about the format of the show.

Joey Graziadei Professional Career

Image source: IG@bachelorabc

Season 28 Details

Joey Graziadei's appearance on "The Bachelor" follows his experience on Charity Lawson's season of "The Bachelorette." The new season premiered on January 22, 2024, shortly after the conclusion of "The Golden Bachelor." Joey will navigate dates, one-on-ones, and ultimately propose to the chosen contestant by the end of the season.