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Joey Kelsey Bachelor Taylor Swift Dress Love

Joey Kelsey Bachelor Taylor Swift Dress Love

Joey and Kelsey's Special Song: Taylor Swift's 'Dress' on The Bachelor

Bonding Over Taylor Swift:

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson from "The Bachelor" found a special connection through Taylor Swift's music.

Joey Kelsey Bachelor Taylor Swift Dress Love

Special Song Choice:

Joey Kelsey revealed that Taylor Swift's song "Dress" from her Reputation album perfectly captured their love story.

Musical Moments Apart:

While filming the dating series, Joey and Kelsey listened to "Dress" whenever they were apart, feeling closer with every play.

Joey Kelsey Bachelor Taylor Swift Dress Love

Lyric Connection:

The lyrics of "Dress" resonated deeply with Joey Kelsey, particularly during moments of missing each other.

Joey Kelsey Shared Sentiment:

Both Joey and Kelsey admitted to thinking of each other whenever they heard the song, even prompting producers to play it for Joey when he missed Kelsey.

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Kelsey’s Meaningful Memories:

Kelsey recalled keeping the song on repeat during their flight to Malta, finding solace in its melody during their separation.

Kelsey Joey Deepening Connection:

These shared musical moments deepened Joey and Kelsey's bond throughout their journey on the show.

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