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Kanye West DMs Mikaela Lafuente Controversy Cheating-Rumors

Kanye West cheating rumors

Kanye West's Alleged DMs to Mikaela Lafuente: Social Media Outcry and Cheating Rumors

In a recent social media incident, rapper Kanye West sent messages to influencer Mikaela Lafuente, sparking controversy and drawing criticism from influencer and boxer Bryce Hall.

Bryce's Discontent: Public Call-Out and Screenshots

Bryce Hall publicly expressed his discontent, sharing screenshots of Kanye's messages to Mikaela and accusing Kanye of sliding into his girlfriend's DMs. The messages suggested Kanye's interest in hanging out and listening to music with Mikaela.

Mikaela Lafuente Influencer BackgroundImage credit: Instagram Kanye West / Bianca Censori viral post

Speculations on Cheating: Social Media Reactions

Social media users speculated about Kanye potentially cheating on his current partner, Bianca Censori. Discussions and scrutiny ensued online, with users questioning the nature of Kanye's relationship with Bianca and expressing suspicions about his motives in messaging Mikaela.

Mikaela Lafuente: Influencer Background

Kanye West Alleged DMs to MikaelaImage credit: Instagram/mikalafuente (Mikaela Lafuente)

Mikaela Lafuente, originally from Argentina and currently based in Buenos Aires, is a social media influencer and model. She is associated with the digital company Boutine Los Angeles and has expanded her online presence through a free OnlyFans account. In 2023, it was confirmed that she is in a relationship with Bryce Hall.

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Kanye's Past Allegations: False Cheating Claims Against Kim Kardashian

Kim Response Choosing Not to EngageImage credit: Instagram Kanye West / Kim Kardashian

Kanye West had previously made false cheating allegations against his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. He claimed Kim had an extramarital affair with basketball player Chris Paul. These accusations were later revealed to be false, and Kanye's Twitter account was suspended for "incitement to violence."

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Kim's Response: Choosing Not to Engage

Kim Kardashian chose not to respond to Kanye's false cheating allegations, attributing them to a pattern of Kanye attacking her to divert attention from his own actions. This incident provides context to the recent controversy surrounding Kanye's messages to Mikaela Lafuente.