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Kim Kardashian Sister Photo Instagram

Kim Kardashian Sister Photo Instagram

Public Opinion Swirls as Kim Kardashian's Figure Takes Center Stage in Recent Photoshoots


Kim Kardashian shared a photo on Instagram featuring her and sister Kendall Jenner. In the picture, Kim, 43, wore a black sheer dress with a white underlay, showcasing her shrinking butt, while Kendall, 28, sported a silk dress emphasizing her curves. Kim captioned the photo "always got ur back."

Fans on Social media discussed Kim changing appearance

Image source: Instagram/ kimkardashian and Getty Images

Fans on Social media discussed Kim's changing appearance, with some noting her butt still looked significant, attributing it to supportive undergarments. In another photoshoot for her skincare brand, SKKN, Kim posed with models, and some fans felt she was overshadowed by their beauty. Despite mixed reactions, many fans appreciated Kim's looks in the comments.