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kim kardashian taylor swift feud

kim kardashian taylor swift feud

Taylor Swift Fans Criticize Kim Kardashian Over Ongoing Feud with Kanye West: Impact on Swift's Mental Health and Recent Backlash

Taylor Swift's fans have recently criticized Kim Kardashian over the ongoing feud involving Swift, Kanye West, and herself. 


Kim Kardashian Faces Swiftie Backlash After Instagram Promotion: Resurfacing of Swift-West Feud and Controversial Recordings

Kardashian's promotion of her brand on Instagram triggered a backlash from Swifties, urging her to apologize for her past actions. The conflict between Swift and West traces back to the 2009 MTV VMAs when West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech. Their feud escalated with West's controversial lyrics in "Famous" and Kim's release of a recorded phone call.



Swift opened up about the impact on her mental health, calling it a "career death" that led her to distrust and isolation. Even a recent collaboration between Kim and Brittany Mahomes for Skims faced criticism from Swift's fans, highlighting the continued tension between the parties involved.