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Kirti Mehra will answer to Elvish in Bigg Boss Season 17

Kirti Mehra will answer to Elvish in Bigg Bigg Season 17

Reveal the secrets of Elvish, his girlfriend Kirti Mehra is coming in Bigg Boss season 17

Will Elvish Yadav's girlfriend Kirti Mehra be entered in season 17 of Bigg Boss?

Only a few days are left for season 17 of Bigg Boss but the fans of Elvish are quite excited. Bigg Boss Season 17 will premiere on 15th October but a lot of rumors are coming out.

Kirti told in her YouTube blog that she will enter Bigg Boss 17 to answer the words of Elvish because in the OTT season 2 of Bigg Boss, Elvish said some things due to which she was trolled a lot.

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