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Kylie Cosmetics Growth

Kylie Sia Look & Kylie Cosmetics Growth

Kylie Jenner's Sia-Inspired Makeover and Kylie Cosmetics' Impressive Growth

Kylie Jenner's Bold Makeover:

Kylie Jenner surprised fans by unveiling her upcoming Kylie Cosmetics launch with a striking new appearance, reminiscent of singer Sia. Social media erupted with comparisons, mistaking Jenner for the iconic singer due to her transformation.

Precision Pout Unveiled!  Get Ready for Perfectly Sculpted Lips! Available December 6th @kyliecosmetics



Kylie Cosmetics' Success Story: 

After Coty's majority stake acquisition in 2019, Kylie Cosmetics witnessed significant growth. Reports suggest a double-digit increase in 2023, attributing the success to new strategies, formulas, and a move into physical stores.

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