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Love is Blind Chelsea Apology Brian Green Response

Chelsea Apology and Backlash

Love Is Blind Comparison Controversy: Chelsea's Apology and Brian Austin Green's Response


Chelsea's Apology and Backlash:

Chelsea Blackwell apologized for comparing herself to Megan Fox on "Love Is Blind," acknowledging the viral comments and the subsequent backlash.

 Chelsea Apology and Brian Austin Green Response

Chelsea Apology and Brian Austin Green Response

Image source: Instagram

Brian Austin Green's Perspective:

Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox's ex-husband, offered a good-natured pep talk to Chelsea, expressing understanding for the criticism she faced. He suggested that people often receive celebrity comparisons and defended Chelsea, advising others to cut her some slack.

Green's Response to Fan Backlash:

Green responded to the question of whether fans went too far in criticizing Chelsea, acknowledging the challenge of such comparisons. He suggested that making such remarks on a show like "Love Is Blind" invites criticism but advocated for understanding.

 Love is Blind Jimmy Denies Fumble Reveals DynamicsImage source: Netflix

Megan Fox's Reaction and Chelsea's Apology:

Green expressed that he believes Megan Fox would be flattered rather than upset by the comparison. He stated that Chelsea's apology to Fox wasn't necessary and emphasized that Chelsea was relaying what others had said about the resemblance.

 Chelsea Jimmy Love is Blind Season 6 Drama ReconciliationImage source: Netflix

Green's Description of Megan Fox's Beauty:

Green praised Megan Fox's unique beauty, describing her as a "one-of-a-kind beauty" and possibly the most beautiful woman in the world. He highlighted the tough nature of comparing anyone to Fox.

Green's Advice to Chelsea:

Green advised Chelsea to "stay in her lane," keep her head up, and not be affected by others' opinions. He reassured her that the situation would eventually fade away.

Chelsea's Response and Humorous Approach:

Chelsea responded to the backlash with a humorous Social Media video, inviting those who compared her to Megan Fox to come forward. Netflix also joined in the fun, putting up a billboard referencing the incident in Los Angeles.

 Love is Blind Jimmy Denies Fumble Reveals DynamicsImage source: Netflix

Overall, the situation involved Chelsea's apology, Brian Austin Green's defense of her, Megan Fox's likely reaction, and the light-hearted response from both Chelsea and Netflix.


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