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Maddi Reese Southern Hospitality 10 Year Sobriety Milestone

Maddi Reese Southern Hospitality 10 Year Sobriety Milestone

Southern Hospitality's Maddi Reese Marks Nearly a Decade of Sobriety Amidst Season 2 Drama

Maddi Reese, a star on Season 2 of "Southern Hospitality," recently shared positive news about her sobriety.

10-Year Sobriety Milestone: Maddi Reese's Journey on 'Southern Hospitality'

The show focuses on employees at a Charleston bar and is led by Leva Bonaparte from "Southern Charm." Maddi, the VIP and DJ Manager, has been open about her journey with alcohol and is currently celebrating nearly 10 years of sobriety. Despite working in a nightclub, she's more concerned about handling anxiety than relapsing, especially amidst drama with co-stars. Whether her castmates acknowledge her milestone remains to be seen on the show or during the reunion.


Grateful for 10 Years: My Sobriety Journey on Southern Hospitality